Pro Steer Down Under

Manufactured in-house by Borgeson in Torrington Connecticut, Pro Steer Down Under is the official Australian distributor of their huge range of steering boxes to suit most American cars and light trucks from the fifties to present (left hand drive only).

For RIGHT HAND DRIVE, Pro Steer has released a modern integral power steering box for 1955-1957 Chevrolets under part #200105. For the 1958-1964 Chevrolets, part #200106 will bolt straight in to the factory mounting holes. For this application, a bespoke pitman arm is supplied.

As well as supplying replacement units that have an integral power ram, Borgeson has recently released a range of integral power steering boxes that replace the old external power ram systems such as fitted to 1964 to 1970 Mustangs, 1963 to 1982 Corvettes and other cars of that era.

These new integral power steering boxes suit the following cars and trucks:

Chevrolet Ford Chrysler Trucks
1963 – 1982
1965 – 1970
1962 – 1979
1966 – 2004
Ford Truck
1955 – 1957
1952 – 1964
Ford Full Size
1972 – 2006
1973 – 2008
Chevy / GMC Truck
1958 – 1964
1964 – 1977
Ford Mid Size
  1979 – 2008
Dodge Truck
1962 – 1972
Chevy II

With their integral variable power assist, and ratios from 12.7:1 to 16:1, this means fewer turns lock to lock and greater assistance when parking, whilst still giving drivers the optimum road feel at speed.

These steering boxes will replace your existing box, whether manual or power assisted, but those cars without power assist will require a pump and bracketry to suit. Pro Steer Down Under has these in painted form or in a highly polished chrome finish. Both engine mounted pumps with integral reservoir and pumps with remote reservoir are available.

As well as several bolt in 600 Series power steering boxes, Pro Steer has stock of Borgeson flexible couplings known as ‘rag joints’, along with drag link adapters and hose kits. Pro Steer Down Under also offers Borgeson replacement steering boxes for Camaros, full size Chev sedans and other cars that were factory fitted with an integral power steering box.